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What is Enreach
What is Enreach?
The DeFi 2.0 Toolkit for Engineering Better Financial Outcomes
Enreach is a Decentralised Autonomous Organisation (DAO) that envisions to play a pivotal role in the adoption, realisation, development and monetisation of decentralised finance (DeFi).
Enreach has a core focus in;
Interoperable and Programmable Liquidity
Bringing Real World and Cross Chain Assets to Ethereum
Development of DeFi Instruments
Market Making and Arbitrage
Unleashing DeFi upon the WORLD
The “Grant Award Program” allows Enreach to advise, connect and collaborate with developers and communities in DeFi.
The Enreach DAO will use the NRCH token and its monetary policy to carefully regulate the ecosystem to sustain the development of its core focus.
As Y Combinator accelerated growth for Stripe and CoinBase, Enreach will accelerate growth for DeFi.
What is the Enreach Ecosystem?
Tokenomics Designed to Sustain Development and Build Value
Enreach ecosystem aims to tackle increasingly complex markets and legal environments that require technological solutions for optimal results.
Tokenomics are designed with a fair 50:50 approach where half of NRCH supply is allocated to token holders and the remaining half of the supply is used to advance the Enreach Ecosystem.
The market will ‘Price In’ sentiment of the performance of the Enreach Ecosystem.
Introducing Enreach DAO Risk Committee Governance
Developers, Thought Leaders, Regulatory Experts, Analysts, Rain Makers
Kashaf Bashir
Founder of Opt1mize
Abdelkader Allam
Founder of Opt1mize
Armandeep Mann
Founder of Genius Security
Brian Elders
Founder of SORS Digital Assets
Market Analyst, Brand Ambassador
Giovanni Tarone
Telecoms Veteran, Former CEO Of Iris Wireless
Adam Wise
Quantitative Invesment Strategist
Community Member
To Be Appointed
Others To Be Appointed
Enreach DAO Contributors (to date)
An amazing community bringing experience and innovation to help you Reach Enrichment
Samuel Proctor
Genesis Block
Jitin Jain
Genesis Block
Andrew Broad
SORS Digital Assets
Laura Hanna
MLRO of Opt1mize
Jayesh Kumar
Waqas Qamar
Jean Michel Hiver
Orlando Taddeo
Heritage Ventures
Bulent Tuncel
Market Analyst, King of Plebs
Enreach Growth Roadmap
Asset Backed Stable Coins
CommSettle Liquidity Mining Pool
Liquidity Voucher
RFI/nUSD CEX Order Book
Asset Backed Stable Coins
Core Focus 1
Interoperable and Programmable Liquidity
Core Focus 2
Bringing Real World and Cross Chain Assets to Ethereum
Enreach ERC-20 stable coins 1:1 pegged to denominated USD, EUR and GBP currencies backed by assets held in reserve. Acceptable asset reserves:
FIAT (USD/EUR/GBP) held in Enreach Treasury Accounts on Opt1mize Banking Infrastructure
Receivables of Telecom Companies acquired through Opt1mize CommSettle Platform
Cross Chain Liquidity held in custody by Enreach Smart Contracts
Core Focus 1
Interoperable and Programmable Liquidity
Core Focus 2
Bringing Real World and Cross Chain Assets to Ethereum
Utilising Opt1mize Banking Infrastructure, Enreach shall deliver fully regulated FIAT ON/OFF ramps for USD, EUR and GBP currencies.
The FIAT reserves held in Enreach depositary accounts will be 1:1 reflected by minting nUSD, nEUR and nGBP stable coins into circulation.
CommSettle Liquidity Mining Pool
Core Focus 2
Bringing Real World and Cross Chain Assets to Ethereum

Trade Receivables; A Rising Asset Class

The Opt1mize CommSettle platform automates the verification and validation of the underlying real-time data used in the periodic issuance of invoices to its Telecom Operator Users using CommSettle (debtors).

The invoices issued to Telecom Operator Debtors can be acquired by the CommSettle Liquidity Mining Pool, farming the yield for advancing cash to CommSettle members, in real-time, for the supply they provide their Telecom Operator Debtors.

This pool will be underwriting credit to Global Telecom Operators, tapping into a market with annual revenues in excess of $700B.

Yields are stable whilst the risk is low, since the probability of default (bad debt risk) with such debtors is also low. Nonetheless, (re)insurance can be underwritten to mitigate the credit risk or risk of large losses.

Liquidity Voucher
Core Focus 3
Development of DeFi Instruments

Enreach and Reflect have come together to develop financial instruments utilising RFI as its reserve currency.

The Enreach Liquidity Voucher is a Semi Fungible Token Framework that enables the hosting of multiple smart contracts executing various protocols to deliver a financial user experience that is normally afforded in traditional finance.

Enreach has designed “The RFI Bond” which combines financial instruments and derivatives to deliver a Risk-Free Bond experience for the $120T Bond Market.

RFI/nUSD CEX Order Book
Core Focus 4
Market Making and Arbitrage

With RFI you can hold and earn by benefiting from a share of the 1% tax generated on transactional volume traded.

Enreach will provide liquidity to new CEX markets for RFI/nUSD with increased depth and trading volume that benefits the whole network.

Automated execution management between CEX and DEX markets will enable stable appreciation for RFI.

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